Project Proposal

Non-Photorealistic Rendering——An approach based on "Team Fortress 2" style

Yaohua Ma


Description: The problem I’m trying to solve is how to render characters in games with the non-photorealistic approach. As there are many styles and ways of NPR in games, I choose to focus on approaches mentioned in the paper “Illustrative Rendering in Team Fortress 2”.

link to the paper:

Importance: NPR techniques are interesting and always produce beautiful visual effects. Artists do lots of work and draw many details to show a particular artistic style. If engineers can come up with approaches that generate unified visual effects, that will greatly reduce artist’s workload and reduce time.

Previous work: Previous work on NPR includes silhouette detect and render, indication, brushstroke, Toon shading, XToon shading, and some PBR methods.

Proposal: What I'm going to do is to implement methods talked in the "Team Fortress 2" paper, and increase & decrease some of the contents. For example, the paper now including shading components of Albedo, diffuse part, ambient part, specular part and rim lighting. All of these components making the characters really 3D and solid. I will adjust and reduce some of the components to make it look less 3D and introduce silhouette to the shading approach. In the final, I hope to build up a project that users can adjust some of the parameters to change the visual effect and the overall style of the characters. If time allowed, I hope I can implement some PBR related methods to the system.

Originality: Since I will adjust the basic part talked in the paper, I think the final visual effects will be very different. Besides, PBR methods in real-time rendering is a kind of state of the art technique. If time allowed, I will figure out this part in the future report.

List of Goals

(due date)

11.17: Further paper reading and make the decision about how to implement, which tools and language. (settle details)

11.25: Paper Implement and system building

11.30: Silhouette and other artistic effects implementation.

12.10: PBR related methods.

12.12: Final report.


(link to the accompanying video of the paper) :


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