Assignment 2 for New Media

This page is for the New Media assignment 2


After reading through class members' website I found there are many common things we share. Since we are in the same class now, there are some common reasons of why we taking this class, besides, we have many common interests.

Common Interests

Some students are interested in human-computer interaction, like Nishant BarmaVardhan SharmaLeyi HuZheng TangLei GaoXiaoyu Wang .

Some interested in coding and related problems, like Rahul Bhagat, Nitish Chandra, and Savinay Narendra interested in machine learning particularly.

Purna DoddapaneniRoger SolisPurna DoddapaneniJacob HallenbergerKai Zheng like to play games, so do I.

Nur Hafieza Ismail loves reading, that's not so common among us.  

Common Reasons for taking this class

Nishant Barma takes this course in order to have a better understanding of storytelling and narration.

Students like Neil Gibeaut,  Nur Hafieza Ismail Samia Kabir Di Lu want to future the knowledge and learn new things.


Media we use

Almos everyone in the class use cell phone and computer for daily media consuming. We love social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and especially, many students use LinkedIn a lot. As for videos, all of us watch short clips on Youtube and series on Netflix. As for media used in work, we use Gmail and Whatsapp to deal with daily e-mail and messages.